Floating is a revolutionary therapeutic experience that offers a natural place for relieving pain, improving sleep, and resetting the balance for mind and body. Floating consists of lying in a float tank filled with 10 inches of water and 1200 lbs. of Epsom salt. The high salt content allows anyone to float effortlessly. The temperature of the water is set to 95 degrees, or skin temperature, making it nearly impossible to distinguish the water level and connection to the body. The silence and darkness allows the mind to drift into the deepest possible state of relaxation, enabling one to experience the positive effects of deep meditation without effort while healing and detoxifying the body.


Awaken Float Lounge is a state of the art facility created in bringing the human body back to its most connected state with itself. Held to the strict guidelines put in place by NSF – The Public Health and Safety Organization, Awaken Float Lounge is a revolutionary development that is designed to create an unparalleled sense of unity with one’s own presence, by allowing individuals to completely devoid themselves from all the stimuli of the connected world. The prime goal is to allow the individual to rediscover their Body and Mind. 

Built out of necessity by Eric Sullivan due to the realization of the never ending fast pace of the world, he urbanized the prime location for individuals to reach the complete meditative and most potential “Reset” state of mind. Awaken Float Lounge’s mission is to offer the community it serves the opportunity to heal from the negative effects of mental, emotional, and physical strains that destroy the mind and body; the ability to break free from the stimuli of the world. By providing not only the highest quality Flotation Chambers, but also a luxurious atmosphere with a commitment to the customer experience, Awaken Float Lounge is the prime location for those pursuing self-discovery and reaching the ultimate vacuity.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle